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Summit Roofing Systems repairs, restores, and coats commercial roofing systems in North Carolina. Is Your Commercial Roof Trying To Tell You Something? We Can Solve Any Roofing Problem You Have.

No business owner wants to face early and expensive roof repairs. The Summit Roofing Systems team is fully dedicated to helping business owners like you have a greater peace of mind through our unique commercial roofing services. No matter what solution you need for your roof now, we can promise you benefits that will keep you satisfied for many years to come.


Repairs & Maintenance Program

3 Simple Steps


The first step in the process will help us to reveal and inconsistencies and defects in the roofing surface. We apply premium cleaners to ensure we remove any and all debris from the surface giving us a clear visual allowing us to quickly and concisely inspect your roofing.


Inspection starts with a visual inspection of your entire roof. Typically beginning as an outline and working inward. Once we have completed the visual inspection, we will do some testing on any discovery items that appear in anyway concerning to us and prepare a plan accordingly.


Finally we will implement our plan and begin to repair or replace any areas that are in need of correcting. During this process we will isolate the areas then decide on a course of action repair / replace. Then systematically work through each area until corrected to the highest standards.

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We pride ourselves on developing a long term relationship with our customers, listening to their needs and then suggesting the proper course of action; be it preventative maintenance, repair or replacement. Give us a call today and let us take care of your roofing problems.

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